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Dear Friend,

I have a very clear objective: To help you improve your self-esteem so that you can realize your own value, of how important and awesome you are, you are unique, there is none like you, and that’s the way it should be.

I especially want you to be FREE, as I learned to be.

So I created this section of frequently asked questions about the course "BulletProof Self-Esteem (15 Keys)".

Please read carefully each one of these questions and answers, I’m sure they’ll be useful to you.


Question: "Elias, what is the course BulletProof Self-Esteem (15 Keys)?"

The course "BulletProof Self-Esteem (15 Keys)" is the result of my experience as a person who had low self-esteem combined with the knowledge of my Bulgarian friend Ina Arakchiyska professional psychologist.

Overcoming this stage of my life gave me much knowledge about it, and there are so many people who need relief and advice to overcome their fears, I decided I had to use what I have to give hope and encouragement to others.

The course’s goal is to shorten the way to be emotionally free, for you to know how to respond to your normal life situations.

Throughout the course, I explain how to improve your self-esteem in different aspects of your life. With tips, ideas, exercises and inspirational stories of people who overcame their problems, here Ina tells us their success stories.

After reading the modules that form the course, you’ll have enough knowledge to be able to keep a good self-esteem in real life.

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Question: “Elias, how long does it take to send the course to my address?”

Just a few seconds after ordering the course “BulletProof Self-Esteem (15 Keys)” you’ll have access from your computer.

The course is distributed electronically. Due to the fact that is distributed in an electronic way. And because it consists of many modules of PDFs, you can access the course comfortably from your home and in only a few moments after having ordered it.

You don’t have to wait ANYTHING to receive the course.

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Question:”Elias, is the payment through internet secure?”

Payments are managed by a company named ClickBank. It is one of the biggest companies in the world for internet payments.

For this reason all payments take place through a TOTALLY safe and secure private server. Millions of people worldwide use ClickBank to receive payments with credit card.

Besides, the payment form is protected by Hacker Safe. Which processes payments daily under the highest standards of Quality and Security.

If you’re familiar with ClickBank and you still have doubts, I invite you to investigate this company on internet. You’ll realize by yourself that it’s a world renown company, 100% trustable.

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Question: “Elias, I’m too old to begin improving my self-esteem. Can I do it with my age?”

Age and all the years you’ve suffered from low self-esteem DON’T indicate deterioration in the way of thinking and acting, or phobias or habits that have clinched on you so deeply that you might believe it’s too late to change.

In this case, the process of learning is the same in kids, teens or adults. Everything can be fixed, determination and practice will make a successful person of you, but only if you want to. You’ll see.

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Question: "Elias, will I have an excellent self-esteem after taking the course?"

My answer is very clear: The course’s goal is NOT to teach you how to have a good self-esteem overnight. If you're looking for a quick and instantaneous way to good self-esteem, this course is not for you.

Because improving and transforming self-esteem requires a process of gradual change, change in your habits, your way of thinking ... but little by little. Maybe this course is designed to do so in 24 days, but many people will require more time.

In this course, after you’ve completed it, I'll show you how to continue to maintain and improve your self-esteem every day to where you choose to.

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Question: "Elias, Can I pay with a different method other than credit card?"

Currently, the payment options for "BulletProof Self-Esteem (15 Keys)" are by credit card or through PayPal. 

Credit cards and PayPal are very efficient methods, since in only a few seconds after ordering the course, you'll be reading to it from your home.

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Question: “Elias, I already bought the course and I don’t know how to read to it. What should I do?”

If you already bought the course “BulletProof Self-Esteem (15 Keys)”, congratulations! you’re only a few seconds away of knowing an entire new world.

If you’re having any difficulty to read to it or if you have any doubts, please send us an email with your RECEIPT number to:

If you haven’t found your answer in this page, you can send us an email to info@howtoimproveyourselfesteem.org

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