Today I'll teach you 15 Keys for your self-esteem
to turn "Indestructible" and for you to see how hope and
Motivation will shine on your face.

From the desk of:
Elías Berntsson


Dear friend eager to get rid of your "Prison"


    Don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning?

    Are you afraid to interact with others for fear of

Do you look in the mirror and do not accept what
   you see?

Do you feel alone and want to be like someone else
   to feel accepted and worthy


Well let me tell talk to you for a few seconds about low self-esteem.

(And trust me, I know what I’m talking about because I lived what you are living and know exactly what you are going through)

The life of a person with low self-esteem is literally depressing.

Depressing because he lives a life of: 


His routines since getting up in the morning are self-destructive, such as:

  • Despise himself
  • Assesses himself very little
  • Believes himself to be less than someone else 
Besides having the tendency to see himself as the way he thinks others see him.

Searches by all means to please others, whether acting in a certain way, wanting to be like someone else, even resorting to cosmetic surgery, changing behavior ... with the goal of improving the image others have of him or her.

And in this way … tries to “KILL” HIS PERSONALITY!

By the simple fact of being rejected, or to believe that you don’t into society. Believe that being someone else and forgetting yourself will give you the solution, and if you succeed THEN you’ll be really happy.

And definitely one of the main reasons why a person has low self-esteem is:


    Fear of not being accepted

    Fear of others' opinions

    Afraid to say what you feel for fear of rejection or annoy someone ...

Everything just from comparing yourself to others and think that you’re inferior, or thinking you should be different, that you must not be yourself

That you have to be like that model, that actor, as the girl in the ad ...

If you identify with this you just read, I invite you to experience a new reality:

What would happen, or how would you feel if this was a reality for you?

Write in the space below how your life
would be any given day if you had a good self-esteem:

How did you feel when writing "Your New Life" or at least something that motivates you?

Well this can become a reality for you, and I will lead you by the hand.

Because I will not rest until you achieve that reality, until you achieve getting a good self-esteem and see that you have a unique value, that you're perfect the way you are, you are unique, and that’s the way it SHOULD be.

I’m going to tell you a little about my story:

Let me tell you that I understand very well what you're going through, because for many years I had a very low self esteem, I suffered abuse, ridicule, and felt within me how  I despised myself. 

My name is Elias Berntsson and I had a good childhood until my teens, when I started college. There I began to experience the disdain and abuse of my classmates and thugs from downtown. I did not understand why , I did not understand why they had to downgrade others, laugh at them or insult them for no apparent reason.

They put me several nicknames, which I hated. In addition, and on top of that, I began to have acne on the face, severe acne, and for which I was the target of teasing by others. All that I lived during this period affected many areas of my life to the point of believing many hurtful words and phrases they told me.

After high school, and though no one would say anything against me, I kept repeating self-destructive phrases and words. Such as:
  • “I’m ugly”
  • “I’m worthless”
  • “I wish I were like him, then I would be happy”
  • “I’m not worthy”
I started having very low self-esteem, to talk little, to hate my reflection, not to defend my opinion for fear of the things they would tell me or stares of disdain, and to consider myself inferior to others.

For several years I continued like this to the point of not wanting to leave home and be antisocial. I felt depressed and without the will to live, it came to my mind the idea of not living anymore to end the suffering, it was what I really wanted, and I the thought of it relieved me.


UNTIL ONE DAY in the morning, I woke up as usual with no desire to get up, when I read something that was on my nightstand, until then, I had not paid attention to these words saying: "YOU ARE UNIQUE AND PERFECT AS YOUR ARE"

At that time, and after a few moments with those words repeating endlessly in my head, I decided to end my distress no matter the cost, those words had to be true, I knew they were true. I was tired of feeling like garbage every day, I was DETERMINED to overcome it. I was tired, had come this far.

I had the choice between overcoming it, or cease to exist ...

I started talking to my family about it, to spit out everything that I had built up inside, to express my emotions, this liberated me a lot.

I also began to listen to psychology, reading books, and gradually learned to value myself the way I am, to respect myself, and be a friend to myself.

I learned the most important lesson of my life and that I will never forget:

"No one can know how much you’re worth, only yourself."

I started to say nice things to me, be kind to myself  and accept me the way I was. And suddenly I discovered that I had a world ahead to explore:

It was a change process that I went through, and because of that process I went through I can finally say that: "I DID IT", "and now I'm FREE!". You cannot imagine how good it feels to say the word FREE, I could not see it, or I looked at it as something very distant and almost impossible, but now I can tell you that it can be achieved.

For all that which happened in my life (my life experience), I decided I should take what I learned during those year in order to help those who have low self-esteem, to get out of their "prison", just the way I did.

For this reason I created "
BulletProof Self-Esteem (15 Keys)" along with my friend Ina Arakchiyska psychologist, so that from my personal experience combined with Ina’s knowledge, you can begin to permanently change your way of thinking, and so with time you’ll keep a good self-esteem.

It is a workshop in PDF where I explain through 15 modules (each module is a key) how to improve your self-esteem and heal permanently through tips, exercises, stories of real people who overcame their problems (Ina’s patients), and the respective steps to follow.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait for “days” or “weeks” to receive the course.

Because “BulletProof Self-Esteem (15 Keys)” is an electronic course, and you can download it TODAY to your computer and start listening in only a few seconds.

The course is divided into 3 parts (5 modules each part), where at the end of each part you’ll find a "final goal" where you will learn in detail how to improve your self-esteem in real life and in a permanent way, and not just as temporary relief.

In modules 1 to 5 you’ll learn … 

    To be a confident person about yourself. (page 10 from the book)

    To believe in yourself.

    To accept yourself the way you are, just the way you are.

    To trust your own skills and capabilities.

    To be a more outgoing person, who is not afraid of meeting new people.

    To be clear that you are unique and perfect. (page 24)

    To know how to appreciate yourself.

    To be clear that your opinion is a priority.

    To respect yourself for who you are and be true to your principles.

    To change your pessimistic thinking. (page 36)

    etc, etc ...

In the modules 6 to 10 you will learn ...

    To not be afraid of rejection from others.
(page 45)

    To understand that you should not strive to please others.

    To overcome your complexes.
(page 51)

    To make small defects irrelevant to you.

    For teasing not to affect you anymore.

    To not worry about what others think of you.

    To not be afraid of fear.

    To see yourself as a winner, not a victim.
(page 70)

    The importance of your inner emotional world.

    etc, etc ...

In modules 11 to 15 you will learn ...

    To love your reflection.

    To not compare yourself to others around you.
(page 78)

    To re-discover the love you feel for yourself.

    To say NO to self-critics.
(page 85)

    Not to worry constantly.

    To get rid of painful memories.

    To gain confidence in yourself. 
(page 96)

    To see that failures are critical for success.

    To regain your lost self-esteem. 
(page 102)

    To look at the circumstances from another angle.

    etc, etc...


I imagine that right now you are asking yourself whether or not you can really transform yourself using a course from home.

Well ...

I can talk and explain many things, but it is best to see the results of people who have followed my advice and Ina’s.

Here are some success stories:


"Many thanks for your encouragement and for all that this course has helped me, the truth is that it’s very nice to feel good about yourself, because there are always people who want to overshadow you and feel superior or simply in my case, I felt very sad and was about to go into depression, but the important thing is to start assessing yourself for others to see the change in you and that's very satisfying.

It's a long road but I'm starting to walk it, thanks to these books, really thanks!"

Judith Pizarro - Chihuahua (México)

"Hello Elias, I bought the package of the BulletProof self-esteem, I congratulate you because it is a very good product, I haven’t even started the program and I feel much better. The Book about The Science of Getting Rich is great. Before, I had read Hegel but I couldn’t understand, it was too much philosophy for me, but now I understand all the mentality, it’s the most powerful thing out there.
It motivated me to buy the package because of the relaxing music collection that comes with it. Thank you for your valuable assistance."

Darío Javier del Castillo Estrella - Guayaquil (Ecuador)

"Hello ELIAS, It’s nice to address to you, your words truly make me feel like a different person. You found a friend in PERU that will carry forward your advice. I’m in high school and sometimes I just feel like leaving everything behind, but thanks to you today a new person is being born who is different and worthy.


Robert Mendoza Martínez - Lima (Perú)

“Elias, thank you so much. It’s hard to believe but everything is going really well by following your advice, thanks for everything. May God bless you…”

Berta Velarde - Washington (USA)



Griselda Bustamante Antonio - Oaxaca (México)

“Good afternoon Elias. You have helped me a lot and I’m starting to value myself, I had a very low self-esteem, I was emotionally dependent on somebody who would hurt me a lot. Now I realize that it wasn’t his fault but it was mine for allowing it but thank god and to people like yourself I’m waking up from a nightmare.”

Rosalía González - Oceanside (USA)

At the beginning of the course you will have an "Introduction" and a "Getting Started" to learn how to properly develop the course, which is designed to be completed in 24 days (one day and one week for each part of the course, which are 3 parts as I told you).

But of course, everyone has their learning time, and everyone realizes and begins to change according to the experiences you have lived, what you have experienced and felt throughout your years in which your self-esteem began to waver. Therefore, some people need more time than others.

The change occurs exactly when you're ready, when "YOU REALIZE" what you're worth and how impressive and unique you are. I will accompany you with my voice throughout the course to show you the way, and after these weeks of learning and training, you'll know how to continue to maintain and improve your self-esteem.


Ask yourself the following question:

“What I’ve lived so far is it aligned with the answers that I’ve been looking for through my life?”

Only you have the answer.

If the answer is "Yes", I ask you to think how important it is for you to feel better, how much is your personal growth, your emotional freedom and finding the answers to your questions worth?.

Many people live being "slaves" of their "toxic" emotions, which have been installed in their minds.

If this is your situation, this may be ...


If you are attracted to the information in this letter, then open your heart, this is your time, just for you. My dear friend... you have to know that it is NEVER too late to start.

I invite you to give yourself permission and give you this gift, which if you carry out with determination, you will discover your inner beauty, your joy, and to meet with the dearest and most important person of your life: yourself.

Our world is a reflection of ourselves, if there is something wrong in our life, it is because there is something within us that is not working.

After much thought on the final price of the course, and after learning how much psychological therapies cost (average $ 40 to $ 60 per session for a total of 8-20 sessions, making a total of $ 500 to $ 1000 dollars), I decided to give to "BulletProof Self-Esteem (15 Keys)" a special price of $ 37 USD only (approx. 30 €).

However, this price is temporary and don’t know for how long I'll leave it at that price. So honestly I recommend listening to the course now, before its price increases.

You’ll receive it WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COST after downloading the course. It will be of great help as an addition to the course.

This bonus is worth $ 87 USD, and I'm giving it to you

I welcome you to BulletProof Self-Esteem (15 Keys)!



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Imagine ...
you get up in the morning, go to the bathroom, wash your face, brush your teeth ... and suddenly, you look in the mirror. You see yourself as you are, the one and only, and you no longer want to be someone else.

You will no longer see what you saw earlier, you look at yourself and accept what you see, because you love yourself. You know you’re the only person who will live with you all of your life, you know how much you’re worth and the value and respect you deserve.

You do not need other people to tell you what you’re worth. "You already know" because you have learned the lesson of your life, to be yourself, to not be part of the bunch, to enjoy yourself. You have learned to smile in the mirror, you have learned ... to LIVE.

I wish you happiness, and that in a few days you know the feeling of FREEDOM.


P.S.: The information that I will share with you in "BulletProof Self-Esteem (15 Keys)", has a temporary price, and soon will increase.
I really recommend to act NOW.

More Success Stories

"Good afternoon, I hope you’re well Mr. Elias. Just wanted to congratulate you because your material is very important to me ... I read it with my family, hopefully such tools will spread fast so that many people become free and love themselves more.

I wish you much success and most importantly may God’s blessing be always in your life. Regards.”

Francisco Javier García - Caracas (Venezuela)

“Elias, you’ve no idea how much you’ve helped me. Thanks, thanks, thanks.”

Laura Franco – México D. F. (México)

"Hello Elias, thanks for your friendship, you know I feel wonderful, I tell you my problem was not physical but mental, one person took care of making me believe it.

But I'm really beautiful because I am like this so wherever I go people turn heads and just like you say: the condition of being humble or the job that I have is not what makes you great, you are so valuable for what you are ... and I feel physically and internally beautiful .... greetings from Venezuela where we are beautiful by nature lol ... I love you ... people like you are what this world needs, humble of heart ..... "

Carol Jossiely Jiménez - Cabimas (Venezuela)


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